Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 9: First Full Day in Shanghai

Photo: Tradition Meets Modernity in China: Buddhist monk at 1,700 year old temple talking on cell phone.
Today was prep day for the fair tomorrow in Shanghai and a bit more exploration. We were scheduled to visit high schools and yet Chinese government canceled the trips due to swine flu. TV indicated that American teachers and students traveling in China are infected. Not good. Met with our sponsors to explore more ways to be involved in China. Quite interesting.
We went to the Longhua Temple, Shanghai's oldest and most active Buddhist temple. Monks were seen walking about attending to their business. Said to be from Third Century and boasts a seven-story pagoda (still standing) from the Tenth Century. The temple is in beautiful shape.
From my 21st floor hotel window, I can see across the skyline of Shanghai. Just awesome.
Truly having a remarkable experience. Thanks to everyone for making it happen. Two days of Shanghai Fair begins in the AM. Be well. Cheers, Tom


Common Fright said...

Enjoy the fair!

Al said...

I would love to see that pagoda, Tom, and the view of the skyline.--Al